A Land Remembered Study Group

  • A Land Remembered Study Group


    Join us as we take a deeper dive into this book that takes place before modern conveniences where a young family struggles to survive in the unruly, unforgiving wilderness of Florida in the mid-19th century. Each week we will explore another area that somehow pertains to the book or the time of the book. 

    1/8/23 - 1st class – 1.5 hrs – Lagoon Room - viewing of “A Sense of Place”

    1/15/23 - 2nd class – 1.5hrs – Fort Drum - hike @ Fort Drum

    1/22/23 - 3rd class – 1.5hrs – Lagoon Room - Mosquito Control Presentation

    1/29/23 - 4th class – 1.5hrs – Lagoon Room -  Indian River Historical Society

    2/5/23 - 5th class – 1.5hrs – Marsh Landing – Old Florida dinner and book discussion (change from original thoughts)

    We will:

    • Watch an interview with the author, Patrick D. Smith
    • Hike Fort Drum Conservation Area where you will be transported back to "old" Florida and be in a location not far from the Fort Drum they speak of in the book.
    • Enjoy a visit from Indian River Mosquito Control and learn all about the history of how they came about and why they are so important.
    • Take a closer look at Vero's history during the same time period
    • Our final meeting will be a meetup at Marsh Landing to enjoy some Old Florida food and discuss the book more in depth. (food cost is separate and each participant is responsible for their own meal costs)

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